Floating Wetland

Floating Wetlands are high performing and cost-effective systems to improve water quality in lakes, ponds streams and canals.  Plants are placed in the floating platform.  As they grow, the plants take up nutrients and other unwanted chemicals.  At the end of the growing season, the plants are removed and disposed of in a proper manner.  The floating structure also shades the lake bottom, further reducing growth of unwanted aquatic weeds.  

 The Floating Wetlands also provide refuges for aquatic wildlife and waterfowl.  Plants provide a resting and hiding area for ducks and other waterfowl.  The floating structure and root masses provide cover and protection for fish and other aquatic organisms.  


  • Constructed of non-toxic polymer
  • Light weight
  • Shading/cooling
  • Ongoing supply of wetland plants
  • Easy servicing/maintenance

Select the link below to view video of various installations 

Taneatua sewage treatment ponds (Whakatane, New Zealand) 

Lake Orokai Floatting Jetty (Hawkes Bay, New Zealand)

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