Fish Barriers

Protect Fish with Our Innovative Barriers

With our years of experience in the hydroelectric industry, we have seen a lot of issues with Fish Passage and Fish Protection.  We understand the problems and expense incurred to protect fish and other species that live in and around your facilities.  

Fish Barriers can be designed to keep fish in or keep fish out.  We work with a wide variety of manufacturers to provide the best solutions for your situation.  Our team of biologists and engineers can design and deploy temporary or permanent fish barrier installations to meet the needs of your project.

Fish Barrier Systems

We can deploy a variety of systems to protect fish at your work site.   We can utilize a variety of float, panel and net systems to reduce or eliminate the presence of fish and other aquatic organisms from your work area.  

Our team of biologists and engineers can help design, deploy and maintain the barrier for the life of your project.  

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