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We have found trusted solutions to help protect the environment. Let us share our solutions with you.  At SSA Environmental, we understand the problems you see every day at your rivers, lakes and reservoirs; hydroelectric and diversion dams; municipal water systems, irrigation canals, pump stations; and other water-related facilities.  

We can work with you to improve fish passage into and through culverts with our Flexi Baffle flexible culvert weir and Culvert Ramps. Our Fish Friendly Tide Gates are a safe and effective way to provide access to upstream habitat while protecting land and structures. Our Fish Barriers and Behavioral Fish Guidance Systems can be used to protect fish and other aquatic life from dams and water diversions. And our Wave Katcher and Floating Wetlands can be used to improve water quality and address the issues associated with eutrophication.

We have developed a Fish Passage Barrier Assessment and Prioritization program. A field application is used to collect and manage field data relating to structures and waterways that may be barriers to fish. Our application is used by field investigators to locate and identify barriers. This data is then input to a Structures Management database. This database can be used to inventory and categorize structures. This inventory can then be prioritized according to the management goals of each customer.

Let our experts work with you to develop a solution to your problem.

Our experts:

 – Understand your conservation goals

  – Have real world experience

– Focus on saving you time and money  

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Fish Passage Barrier Assessment and Prioritization




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