Fish Friendly Tide Gates

Help Fish Access Important Habitat with our Fish Friendly Tide Gates

Many technologies are available to safely pass adult fish upstream over dams.  From fish ladders to trap and haul facilities, a lot of work has been put into research and development of these systems.

Our Fish Friendly Tide Gates, or Tide Gates are a rugged design, which can be calibrated to open gates when water is low, allowing for fish passage.

The fish-friendly flood gate attachment converts new or existing tide/flood gates to meet fish passage requirements.

For new builds we can provide a stainless-steel flood gate and fish friendly attachment.

– Assist fish passage – delay closing
– Improve water quality – flushing
– Improve culvert capacity – reduced head-loss
– Manage groundwater levels and control aquatic weeds – flap open or disable delaying mechanism.

– Adjustable – time and aperture settings
– Scalable – to suit different size culverts
– Quickly disabled if necessary
– Retrofit or new installations
– Supplied with or without flap
– 316 Stainless Steel

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