Behavioral Fish Guidance Systems

Protect Fish from Diversions with our Innovative Fish Guidance Systems

Many technologies are available to safely pass adult fish upstream over dams.  From fish ladders to trap and haul facilities, a lot of work has been put into research and development of these systems.

However, little work has been put into safely passing fish downstream over dams.  Our team of biologists and engineers have developed an effective solution to significantly improve downstream fish passage survival.  We work with the fish’s behavior to effectively move fish past your dam.

Behavioral Fish Guidance System

Our positive barrier Behavioral Fish Guidance System (FGS) successfully guides actively migrating juvenile anadromous fish to downstream bypass or collection systems.   We can significantly improve downstream fish passage survival with our FGS.

The FGS takes advantage of migratory behavior and guides fish to a safer point of egress. The FGS is composed of a series of floating panels anchored across a river channel, or in a reservoir, upstream of an intake structure. 

Fish approaching the FGS are guided from the main flow net to a bypass or collection system. The design and configuration of the FGS varies at each site according to facility configuration, hydraulic conditions and species present. 

​​The robust design of the FGS assures it will perform in the most extreme environments.

Our team of experienced biologists and engineers can design a solution for your fish passage problems.  ​

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