Exciting Development in the Science of Improving Fish Passage Through Culverts

The Fish Passage Action Team is an international coalition of people working to improve fish passage through road culverts and other conveyances. We have developed a variety of systems to improve the hydraulics in culverts and other conveyances to create better passage conditions for a variety of fishes and other aquatic organisms.

We recently began developing Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) models to demonstrate the effects if the Flexi Baffle on hydrology of a culvert. We have developed baseline CFD models to assess the spacing and configuration of Flexi Baffles to create the conditions to meet various fish passage standards such as water depth and velocity.

We can now also provide an interested party an evaluation of your specific project site. We can use the actual dimensions, configuration and expected flows through your culvert, and we can develop a recommended Flexi Baffle installation. We can also provide the CFD modeling results that demonstrate that your Flexi Baffle installation is meeting the intended fish passage conditions. The link below is a Fish Passage Action Team newsletter on the first CFD model outputs.